• Sweet Dreams Are Made From You—Nightmare Magazine (TBA)
  • Through Dark and Clearest GlassUnlocking the Magic (ed. by Vivian Caethe) (May 2019) Pre-order here.
  • The Judith PlagueDo Not Go Quietly (ed. by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner). Apex Books 2019. Pre-order here.
  • Monster Girls Don’t Cry (reprint)—The Best of Uncanny (Subterranean Press 2019). Pre-order here.
  • Fathoms Deep and Fathoms Cold (reprint)—PodCastle (TBA)



With Teeth Unmake The Sun —published in Lightspeed, January 2019.

Our Aim Is Not To Die—published in The People’s Future of the United States (ed. by John Joseph Adams and Victor LaValle), February 2019. Amazon | B&N | Powell’s | Website







  • Thread —  published December 2013 in Vol.12, Issue 4 of Ideomancer.
  • Of Blessed Servitude — published November 2013 in Episode 1 of Fictionvale. Audio reprint at Escape Pod in May 2016.
  • Hero’s Choice — serialized in Silver Blade beginning December 2012 (finished in 2013).


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  1. […] Rustad brings a creepy concept to life with vivid imagery and raw themes of humanity vs nature. Despite coming across Rustad’s works only recently, their storytelling is sure to become one of my favourites, and, I’m sure, it would be the same for anyone who gives their fiction a read. You can find dozens of their works via their bilbiography. […]

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