• Our Aim Is Not To DieThe People’s Future of the United States (ed. by John Joseph Adams and Victor LaValle) (October 2018)
  • The Frequency of CompassionDisabled People Destry SF! (Uncanny, September/October 2018)
  • The Words of Our Enemies, The Words of Our HeartsSword and Sonnet (ed. by Aidan Doyle, Rachael K. Jones and E. Catherine Tobler) (TBA 2018)
  • With Teeth Unmake The Sun — Lightspeed (TBA)
  • Yet So Vain Is Man — Galaxy’s Edge (TBA)







  • Thread —  published December 2013 in Vol.12, Issue 4 of Ideomancer.
  • Of Blessed Servitude — published November 2013 in Episode 1 of Fictionvale. Audio reprint at Escape Pod in May 2016.
  • Hero’s Choice — serialized in Silver Blade beginning December 2012 (finished in 2013).


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