Published Fiction

  • SO YOU WANT TO BE A ROBOT and Other Stories [short story collection] — Lethe Press (May 2017)
  • I Sing Against the Silent Sun (w/ Ada Hoffmann) — Lightspeed Magazine (TBA)
  • Longing For Stars Once Lost — Lightspeed Magazine (TBA)
  • For Now, Sideways — Diabolical Plots (2017)
  • For Want of a Heart — Absolute Power: Tales of Queer Villainy anthology, ed. Erica Friedman (January 2017)
  • Two Reflections At Midnight — Gamut Magazine (2017)
  • Brightened Star, Ascending Dawn — Humans Wanted, ed. by Vivian Caethe (2017)



  • Monster Girls Don’t Cry — published in Uncanny Magazine #14, January 2017.
  • Later, Let’s Tear Up the Inner Sanctum — Lightspeed Magazine (February 2017)




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